The Jaqi languages

Website de Martha J. Hardman (University of Florida) sobre as línguas Jaqi (Jaqaru, Kawki e Aymara). "Jaqaru is spoken by a few thousand people in and around Tupe, Yauyos, Lima, Peru and by large numbers in the cities of Lima, Huancayo, Chincha, and Cañete. Kawki is spoken only by a very few people in and around Cachuy, Yauyos, Lima, Peru and is clearly a dying language. Aymara is the first language of one third of the population of Bolivia and is the major native language in Southern Peru and Northern Chile." O site oferece uma variedade de materiais sobre as línguas (análises gramaticais, textos segmentados e analisados, vocabulários, poemas, material didático, etc.) e o contexto histórico e cultural de seus falantes.

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