Alberto Vojtěch Frič: a Czech adventurer & ethnologist who brought a South American Indian to Prague

Radio Praha, 26/maio/2010 (1a. parte), 2/jun/2010 (2a. parte). "Alberto Vojtěch Frič was a Czech botanist, ethnologist and traveller, who earned fame in Bohemia, Europe, and parts of South America in the early 20th century. His first love from childhood was botany but early after his first travels to South America, his professional focus shifted from plants to the lives of indigenous peoples. During his excursions, he befriended the Chamacoco Indians at Gran Chaco in Paraguay, and on his third visit, learning that the tribe was being decimated by an unknown illness, brought one of them, Cherwuish (the son of a tribal leader) back for treatment to Prague."

Parte 1

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Parte 2

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