Amazonian Languages

Photo taken by Franz Caspar in 1955

Etnolinguistica.Org is proud to host here a mirror of the collection, originally archived at the website of the Leiden University.

This collection contains unpublished data on Amazonian languages of Brazil and Bolivia, collected by the Swiss anthropologist dr. Franz Caspar (1916-1977). Additional language materials collected by dr. Emil-Heinrich Snethlage (1897-1939) and Tibor Sekelj (1912-1988) are also included.

These data have been digitized under the responsibility of prof. dr. Willem F.H. Adelaar and dr. Hélène B. Brijnen of Leiden University (Faculty of Humanities, Section Languages and Cultures of Indian America) with the financial support of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).1 Users are requested to indicate the identity of the compilers and the digitizing team in citations. For questions or comments please contact prof. dr. Willem F.H. Adelaar.

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