Map - Upper Rio Negro Region
1. Introduction
Patience Epps and Kristine Stenzel

I. Culture and society

2. Pandora’s box – Upper Rio Negro style
Stephen Hugh-Jones
3. The Serpent, the Pleiades, and the One-legged Hunter:
Astronomical themes in the Upper Rio Negro
Patience Epps and Melissa Oliveira
4. Organização socioespacial e predomínios linguísticos no
rio Tiquié
Aloisio Cabalzar
5. Recolectando en el cielo: Elementos del manejo Nikak del
mundo (Amazonia colombiana)
Dany Mahecha and Carlos Franky

II. Discourse and language ideology

6. Toward an East Tukano ethnolinguistics: Metadiscursive
practices, identity, and sustained linguistic diversity in the
Vaupés basin of Brazil and Colombia
Janet Chernela
14. Apuntes para una historia de los protestantes y su actuación
entre los pueblos Makú del Alto Río Negro-Vaupés
Gabriel Cabrera Becerra
Author Information
7. Women’s song exchanges in the Northwest Amazon:
Contacts between groups, languages, and individuals
Aimee J. Hosemann
8. Semantic transparency and cultural calquing in the
Northwest Amazon
Simeon Floyd

III. Grammar and language relationship

9. Predicados complejos en el Noroeste Amazónico: El caso
del Yuhup, el Tatuyo y el Barasana
Elsa Gomez-Imbert and Ana María Ospina Bozzi
10. Contact and innovation in Vaupés possession-marking
Kristine Stenzel
11. Kubeo: Linguistic and cultural interactions in the Upper
Rio Negro
Thiago Chacon

IV. Historical dynamicity

12. Mythology, shamanism and epidemic diseases: A view from
the Upper Rio Negro region
Dominique Buchillet
13. Hierarquia e história: Notas sobre a descendência entre os
Tariano do rio Uaupés
Geraldo Andrello

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