Brazil : Anthropological perspectives : Essays in honor of Charles Wagley (Margolis & Carter, eds. 1979)
Autor: Margolis, Maxine L. & Carter, William E. (eds.)
Data: 1979
Título: Brazil : Anthropological perspectives : Essays in honor of Charles Wagley

443 p., ilustrado
New York: Columbia University Press


Introduction: Anthropology and Brazilian national identity - Charles Wagley

Part I. Some perspectives from the past

1. The encounter of tribal and national societies in the Brazilian Amazon - Eduardo Galvão
2. An experimental reconstruction of Taruma village succession and some implications - Betty J. Meggers and Clifford Evans
3. The Tapirapé during the era of reconstruction - Judith Shapiro
4. The "chapel" as symbol: Italian colonization in Southern Brazil - Thales de Azevedo
5. The negro in Brazilian society: twenty-five years later - Florestan Fernandes

Part II. Environmental adaptations

6. The Yanomamo and the causes of war in band and village societies - Marvin Harris
7. The Trans-Amazonica: coping with a new environment - Emilio F. Moran
8. Seduced and abandoned: agricultural frontiers in Brazil and the United States - Maxine Margolis
9. Ecology, behavior, and the spirit of fishermen - Conrad P. Kottak

Part III. Social structure

10. Lineage and lineality in lowland South America - Robert F. Murphy
11. Canela kinship and the question of matrilineality - William H. Crocker
12. Secrets, exclusion, and the dramatization of men's roles - Thomas Gregor
13. Umbanda and class relations in Brazil - Diana Brown
14. The function of middle-class extended family networks in Brazilian urban society - Charlotte I. Miller

Part IV. Political organization

15. A new approach to Central Brazilian social organization - Daniel R. Gross
16. Law in rural Brazil - Robert W. Shirley
17. Patron-client exchanges in Southeastern Minas Gerais - Sidney M. Greenfield
18. The political economy of patron-clientship: Brazil and Portugal compared - Shepard Forman and Joyce F. Riegelhaupt

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