Carib-speaking Indians : Culture, society and language (Basso, ed. 1977)
Autor: Basso, Ellen B. (ed.)
Data: 1977
Título: Carib-speaking Indians : Culture, society and language

122 p., il. Tabelas, mapas e fotografias inseridos nos textos.
Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona, 28
Tucson: The University of Arizona Press

"This book is one outgrowth of a meeting of Carib specialists that was held at the Fortieth International Congress of Americanists in Rome, Italy, during September of 1972."

Table of Contents:
Guide to Pronunciation
1. Introduction: The Status of Carib Ethnography - Ellen B. Basso
2. A Survey of the Carib Language Family - Marshall Durbin
3. Some Problems in the Comparative Study of Carib Societies - Peter G. Riviere
4. The Akawaio Shaman - Audrey Butt Colson
5. Carijona and Manakini: An Opposition in the Mythology of a Carib Tribe - Helmut Schindler
6. On Being Carib - Lee Drummond
7. From Dogs to Stars: The Phatic Function of Naming Among the Panare - Jean-Paul Dumont
8. The Kalapalo Dietary System - Ellen B. Basso
9. A Study of the Process of Village Formation in Ye'cuana Society - Nelly Arvelo-Jimenez
10. The Akuriyo Way of Death - Peter Kloos

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