STOUT, Mickey; THOMSON, Ruth
  • Kayapó narrative. International Journal of American Linguistics, vol. 37, n. 4, Bloomington 1971, pp. 250-256. Bibliografia.

The Kayapó speak a Jê language classified by Davis (1968) along with Apinaje as a Northwest Je subfamily. At the time that data were collected for this paper there were approximately 1500 people living in seven villages in southern Para and northern Mato Grosso, Brazil. Members of the villages of the Txukahamẽi and the Gorotiri provided the major part of the data collected by the author during twenty-four months of field trips between 1965 and 1970. The authors have also had considerable contact with members of the villages of Kõkraymôro and Kubekrãngoti-re" (p. 250).

(p. 599-600)

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