WILBERT, Johannes
  • A Preliminary Glottochronology of Ge. Anthropological Linguistics, IV, n. 2, 1962, pp. 17-25, 1 tabela, 1 gráfico e 1 mapa no texto. Bibliografia.

Neste importante ensaio de classificação lingüística, baseado em 37 fontes, o autor divide o "Ge stock" em 15 línguas agrupadas em 3 famílias, a saber: "I. Acroa Family ― 1. Acroa, 2. Shacriaba, 3. Acwe, 4. Shavante, 5. Sherente; II. Cayapo Family ― 6. Cayapo, 7. Suya; III. Apinaye Family ― 8. Apinaye, 9. Coroa (Gradaho), 10. Craho, 11. Canela, 12. Ramcocamecra, 13. Apanyecra, 14. Creye, 15. Pucobye." (p. 19).
Chega à seguinte conclusão: "It is apparent that the distribution of the different languages according to their internai divergence corresponds to a surprising degree to the geographical distribution of their speakers and, consequently, also to classifications made on the basis of geographical propinquity and cultural resemblance. This coincidence, then, indicates that our glottochronological result seems more to confirm previous classifications than to reveal new distributional evidence. But it certainly also provides considerable support for the likelihood of correctness of our glottochronological computation." (p. 24).

(p. 724-725)

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