HICKS, David
  • The Kaingang and the Aweikoma: A Cultural Contrast. Anthropos, LXI, Freiburg/Schweiz 1966, pp. 839-846. Bibliografia.

Opondo-se à opinião de Jules Henry e Alfred Métraux "that Aweikoma society is merely a smaller unit within the larger entity that is Kaingang society" (p. 839), o autor, baseado na literatura a respeito, estuda as diferenças e chega à seguinte conclusão: "The ethnographic evidence, consisting of nine confirmed items of cultural contrast, and one possibility, demonstrates, I believe, that a fundamental difference between Kaingang society and Aweikoma society exists. Two, the relationship terminology (with the associated rules of marriage) and the character of the social structure, are of radical importance. Together with the differences suggested by Francisco Schaden, Baldus, and others, these make it clear that Kaingang society and Aweikoma society are essentially different and that attempts made to confound the two societies are completely misguided and fallacious." (p. 845).

(p. 359)

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