• The Ceramics of Tefé-Amaná. A Contribution to the Archaeology of the Amazon. Ethnos, XXVIII, Stockholm 1963, pp. 147-176, 29 figuras no texto. Bibliografia.

Estuda uma coleção de cacos encontrados perto do Lago de Amaná na região do baixo Japurá e conservados no Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen em Amsterdã. Chega às seguintes conclusões: "The style of Rio Japurá does not show any symptoms of degeneration at all. It is more direct, less complicated than the style of Marajó, gives therefore a stronger impression of primitivity, but never is it to be considered as archaic. On the contrary, the many austerely stylized 'adornos' rather speak for a long tradition. Numerous 'adornos', especially those reduced to conventional symbols, show such an extreme resemblance to those of the middle ceramic period of Trinidad that we can hardly have any doubt about a direct contact between both cultures, in spite of the great distance between their sites….The relics of Rio Japurá do not give any clue as to the specific tribal affinities of the former population. They only prove the existence of a pre-historic, neolithic culture on this river, which must have had some contact with the cultures of the lower course of the Amazon and the Orinoco, Trinidad and Guyana. It is likely that this latter contact has come about via the upper region of the Rio Negro." (p. 173).

(p. 275-276)

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